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The only Psoas Release Tool on the market designed to fit your hip bones correctly. You only need one tool to successfully release your hips, low back and legs!


Optimize Your Performance With AcuLever®

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Dig Down Deep To The Root And Unleash Your Best Moves With AcuLever®

Scar Tissue is an athlete’s worst nightmare. It’s the number one cause of pain and blocked movement among athletes and physically active individuals.

What is scar tissue? Scar tissue is the result of the body’s natural attempt to repair a wound such as an athletic injury. In an effort to heal and provide support for the compromised tissue, a protein “cast” is secreted that eventually hardens. Fibrous tissue is formed that act like glue, binding tissue in a restrictive fashion.

Scar tissue can form on and in between muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and bones. It typically causes pain and limited movement. Unfortunately, it cannot be corrected by stretching or exercise, but must be manipulated to heal.

Scar tissue forms in injured muscles, leaving the muscle less flexible and weaker.

How Can AcuLever® Help?

Goes Deep.  The AcuLever® patented Lever and Twin Fin Blades get down deep to the root of the problem to break up stubborn scar tissue adhesions through a process of strong, accurate pressure and “Cross Fiber Friction” – an extremely effective Deep Tissue Massage technique, frequently featured in Asian Massage.

Targets Treatment.  The AcuLever® Twin Fin Blade design precisely pinpoints and treats the affected areas of scar tissue in unison from two complimentary angles.

“Cross Fiber Friction” requires the correct dynamic movement from a massage tool.  The AcuLever® has a patented Lever Plate that does this, unlike the rest of the competition.

The AcuLever® Two-Step Therapeutic Process

Deep Tissue Pressure And “Cross Fiber Friction”

  • Breaks up scar tissue adhesion buildup
  • Revitalizes circulation in restricted muscles

Tool Assisted Stretches

  • Elongate contracted, stressed peripheral nerves
  • Increase range of motion
  • Enable safe stretching of muscles

Most Athletes Only Have Selective Flexibility

While we think of most developed athletes as having powerful strength and incredible flexibility…if you are one, you know…sometimes that couldn’t be further from the truth. Over the years of pushing your body to the limit through rigorous training and fierce competitions, injuries accumulate and scar tissue sets in.

  • Stretching becomes painful and labored.
  • Range of motion becomes limited.
  • Proper blood flow and energy are blocked.

“Selective Flexibility” is the condition where an athlete has a restricted range of motion and reduced capacity for executing one type of stretch, but a normal or an even enhanced capacity in another kind of stretch.  For example, an athlete may be able to bend forwards easily, but struggles with back bends and side bends. To reverse this “Selective Flexibility”, it is imperative to break up hardened scar tissue adhesions.  The AcuLever® is a cutting-edge tool specifically designed to precisely target and break up collective scar tissue.  

Supercharge Your Performance With The
AcuLever® Self-Massage Tool

AcuLever® Fin Shaped Blade pictured in the middle.

Our Sleek Levered Wedge vs. Their Crude, Blunt Wedges

The curved shape and strategic angles in the dynamic design of the therapeutic tool blades work synergistically to optimize your massage.  The “Fin” Shaped Blades fit precisely in place to prevent dangerous grinding that can damage your hip bones and psoas muscle. The 45 degree angle and short distance between the two blades enables meticulous access to treat the exact targeted location.

Patented AcuLever® Fin Shaped Blade:

  • Curved side creates a levering effect to maximize the wedged tip’s power
  • Precisely angled blade designed to roll over hip bones/ilium, using them as leverage
  • Bottom lever plate works in unison to instigate cross fiber friction action of deep tissue massage

Competitor’s design:

  • Flat-sided blade has no levering effect to optimize tip’s effect
  • Not designed to enhance rolling
  • No dual action bottom lever plate

The Importance Of
Peripheral Nerve Elongation

The lumbar plexus is the root of the peripheral nerves that innervates your psoas muscle.

Peripheral Nerve Elongation is essential for resetting your muscles.  

There is a cascading influence in the hierarchy of healing:

  • Nerves control muscles
  • Muscles control bones
  • Bones form joints

Elongating  compromised peripheral nerves ultimately releases spasming or contracted muscles that have never fully recovered from injury.  Once these affected muscles release, the bones can then migrate back to a more ergonomic position naturally…without forcing them.

  • AcuLever® Fin Blades grab the peripheral nerves under the skin in a “Tool Assisted Stretch”
  • The peripheral nerves are elongated away from the spinal cord
  • With the nerves re-lengthened, the muscle can finally release and re-lengthen as well 
You Don’t Have To Be An Athlete To Enjoy Freedom Of Movement
And A Pain-Free Lifestyle
You Don’t Have To Be An Athlete To Enjoy Freedom Of Movement And A Pain-Free Lifestyle
Athletes aren’t the only ones with scar tissue. Injuries, surgeries, and accidents can cause anyone to experience scar tissue adhesions. If pain and a limited range of motion are hampering your life, the AcuLever® can set you free. 
Never before has a tool like the wonder-working AcuLever® been available on the market. Get yours today.
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