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Frequently Asked Technical Questions About AcuLever® Use

Please submit any questions you may have about AcuLever® techniques that are not answered on our FAQ’s or INSTRUCTION pages. Some questions will become part of our FAQ’s. 

All questions will receive an answer from the inventor, Daniel Carr.

Psoas Muscles

Does the tool feel uncomfortable when working on the psoas muscles?

Yes, it can. The AcuLever® fin blades can feel very uncomfortable when you first start working on your psoas muscles.  In fact, some people with really tight psoas muscles will feel like the psoas is not even a muscle when they first make contact with it because it is so tight/unyielding, i.e. feels like a taut leather belt.  Rest assured that the fin blades will make contact with the psoas muscles so long as you follow the instructions.  The best thing to do would be to work slowly with just the top “fin blade” plate initially until you acclimate to the pressure.

Can I get relief for my low back pain by treating just my psoas muscles?

Yes, you can, but how much relief is dictated by the nature of your injury and what other muscles are contributing to your low back pain.  Some users report that their low back pain reduced dramatically by working on their quadriceps muscles, while others report reductions after treating their spinal erectors.  You will have to explore all of the other Basic Routine treatments one by one if the psoas muscles treatment does not provide full relief.


It seems like if I rotate the AcuLever in a few degrees off the center line in both directions, it treats a whole new aspect of the quadriceps.  Is this a correct application?

Yes. We will have more videos on the quadriceps that will explain this.  Good job on figuring that out.  The AcuLever® can be applied to many sites on your body with different angles.


Should I just work one of the hamstring techniques only at first?

You can, but you should plan on doing all of the techniques eventually.  The more angles that you use on your hamstrings, the more relief you will get.  Do the hamstring techniques in order for the best result.  The more of them you do, the better the result.


Is it OK to have your legs/feet up on the wall when doing the glutes?  This position seems to stretch open those muscles more so the tool can penetrate more deeply.

Yes.  And thank you for this technique.  I tried it today, and it worked very well.  

Piriformis Muscles

I don't know if I am targeting this muscle correctly. How would I know that I am doing this right?

The piriformis muscle is not that difficult to target, but hard to feel if you treated it correctly.  If you execute the technique correctly, rest assured that you did serious therapy to both the piriformis and glute muscles.  In time, you will know that you targeted the piriformis as this area of your body opens up more with each treatment.

Spinal Erector Muscles

I am having a hard time using the lever plate while working on the spinal erectors. Is this unusual?

Not really.  It is easier if you just use the top Orca Fin Blade plate at first on your spinal erectors before using both plates together.  Your grasp of the techniques will improve over time, as will your execution.  In the meantime, you will make very serious progress by just using the top plate.